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11-28-2003, 07:12 PM
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Gonchar is set to be RFA this season. The Caps want to cut salary. Pronger makes 9 mil, Liddy make 10 mil, hell, even Ozo makes 5.5 mil. He's not going to play for 3.6 mil. He's going to demand 5 mil minimum. I don't think the Caps can afford it.

So, how do they keep him. Lang is their top scorer, 3rd or 2nd in the whole leage, so at 5 million, he's not exactly looking overpaid anymore. Hopefully he keeps it up. Bondra is paid 5 million, but he's been the face of the Caps for a very long time. So, if Jagr don't go, Gonchar will.

For the Leafs to grab him, they'll need to give up Pilar, definetely. Bell too. More to come yet. Kondraitev(sp?) should be in there as well. Maybe Wellwood. Steen in there somewhere. Maybe more, maybe less.

But, methinks the Leafs will only land Gonch if they take on Jagr too. They decide to take on Jagr and Gonch, and if it's in the range of their worth, not exact, I don't think McPhee will hesitate to accept it. Getting Jagr out should be a big concern. I think Nolan or Antropov would have to go. If Nolan went, maybe only 3-4 million would be taken off per year. Antropov's a different case, but max would only be the 20 million off for the next four years that is supposedly being discussed.

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