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Originally Posted by The Brewmeister View Post
Phoenix is not a much stronger team than montreal. Both teams play a defense first system. The coyotes are not better defensively than Montreal overall.

Phoenix - 2.37 (5th)
Montreal - 2.61 (11th)

Phoenix - 2.56 (18th)
Montreal - 2.52 (19th)

Don't talk about team dominance being a factor, gaa/gm is hardly any different.

Yandle played PP.
Subban played PP and PK.

Subban averaged 24:18 TOI/game.
Yandle averaged 22:22.

Playing less time and producing better than Subban on a defensively dominant team looks a lot better IMO. Yandle is an offensive d-man on a defensive team. Sure you can make the whole "Subban is a more rounded player blah blah blah" but that's why Phoenix is smart enough to bring in specialists for each position. That's why we finished 8th in the league with an 85.5% penalty kill with "sub-par" players like everyone likes to call us, unlike Montreal who can spend to the cap max and finish 3rd last.

Now imagine if Yandle got put on a team with stronger offensive talent than just Doan and Whitney. The numbers would easily be greater if we had more offensive depth. But we don't because we have a budget team that runs about $10mil shy of the regular NHL cap.

There's a reason why people want Yandle on their team. He has great offensive instincts and a pretty good back-checking game as well. He can run a powerplay with sub-par players, he'll easily help produce with better players.

If I wanted to make the "better teammate" argument, I would have in my first post.

And lets try and not respond with "but Subban would be top-2 on our defense, Yandle would be 3-6 d-man on our team".
All that long winded meandering stuff and not a single real "reason" to back up Yandle being "miles" ahead of Subban.

Care to try again?

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