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06-23-2012, 04:13 PM
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To be honest, along with Buffalo, Washington and Montreal, we had one of the best drafts. This is how I'd rank our overall draft.

Name | Upside | Downside | HFBoards Grade | Grade
13. Radek Faksa | Elite second line centre | Third line energy | 7.5C | A
-Faksa probably could have went in the top 10, excellent pick where we got him, perfect second line center of the future behind Benn/High end FA
43. Ludwig Bystrom | Strong Number 2/3 defensemen | SEL Defensemen | 7.0C | A-
-Bystrom was one of those players who could have gone 15-40. We got him in aexcellent spot.
54. Mike Winther | Top six goal scoring winger | AHL top sixer | 7.0D | B
-Nothing wrong with this pick. Goal scoring center who'll likely play wing at the NHL level. Was slotted around this area, maybe a little higher.
61. Devin Shore | Top six centre | 4th line energy/NHL tweener | 7.0D | B+
-Playing in a rather weak league but Dallas gets another guy with top six upside, potentially the highest of everyone they drafted.
74. Esa Lindell | Top 4 defensemen | Top 4 defensemen, in Europe | 6.5C | B
-Another solid pick of a guy who could have gone higher. Won't be anything special but a good bet to eventually make the NHL as a contributing defensemen.
104. Gemel Smith | Second line centre | AHL journeyman | 6.5C | B+
-Very surprised Smith lasted this long. Not the greatest stats for a small forward but the upsides there when he gets more icetime. Smith has second line upside and really isn't that much of a risk. Great pick for that late.
134. Brandon Troock | Elite 3rd line body banger | AHL body banger | 6.0C | A
-For a pick this late, he's great. Very rare to get a legitimate potential power forward this late who doesn't have serious concerns. Of coruse he doesn't have much offensive upside but the potentials there for him to be one of the best third liners in the leauge who wouldn't look out of place on a second line. I wouldn't say there's much seperating him and Tom Wilson who went 16th besides a (substantial) size advantage for Wilson).
144. Henri Kiviaho | NHL goalie | Minor league/Europe journeyman | 7.0D | C+
-Better goalies still on the board, doesn't seem like he excells at any particular area. However, the same could have been said for a young Lundqvist or Rinne. You never know with goalie prospects.
183. Dmitry Snitsyn | ??? | ??? | n/a | C
-The only draft pick we took who's name I have never heard of. Seems like an sizable offensive dynamo who played here, which AFAIK would be the first player to have played in Dallas to be drafted by Dallas. Because theres safter picks or ones with more of a pedigree on the board still I'll give him a C but I'll refrain from saying anything else.

Overall Rank (Note not an average): A
I thought we had a really good draft. Almost everyone we drafted seems to have top 6 or top 4 potential, and a couple were steals. Radek Faksa, Ludvig Bystrom, Brandon Troock and to a lesser degree Smith and Shore were awesome picks for their ranking. I can't say we made a bad pick over the last two days, and we made numerous great picks.

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