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Originally Posted by Shootmaster_44 View Post
It is even in the dictionary in Canada.

Haha, nice find. I don't think I will be calling them that anytime soon...not without laughing anyway.

Originally Posted by Shootmaster_44 View Post
Have you tried emailing or calling the store? I'm not sure all stores will do this, but some when they have an online component will pull something off the rack and send it through their shipping people. It is worth a shot.

I do have a feeling that player specific merchandise is low run though. I realize Jonathan Quick is not likely to be traded anytime soon, but I think retailers try to stick to generic stuff in high quantities due to the uncertainty of being able to sell off all the player specific things. Look at the Canucks for example, who'd have thought prior to the playoff that Roberto Luongo would likely be traded before next season? Suddenly, everyone with Luongo merchandise is clearing it out. The local sports store here in Lloydminster has any Luongo merchandise (or customizing of a jersey with Luongo for some reason) at 20% off. I saw signs of the official Canucks store selling off their Luongo stuff at 40% off I believe.

In looking at your pic of it, it appears the only thing that makes it a "Quick" bunnyhug (yes I am from Saskatchewan and that is the name for it lol) is the 32 on the front. I'm not sure if these things still exist everywhere, but for a time it seemed like any mall would have a custom t-shirt shop. I'm sure you could get them to add the 32 to your bunnyhug.
Thanks I will do that! But there is also a SCF patch/sticker on the arm as well. I guess I could buy a patch and have it sewn on... but that is a lot of work. Hopefully the Team LA store will have good news for me!

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