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11-28-2003, 07:47 PM
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Originally Posted by jl.roberts

As I said, I wasn't trying to relate it to language or being racist, I was just stating what I thought. I was not neccesarily speaking to you, but to the many that suggest that Koivu is not capable of being our captain, leader, first line center, offensive threat, etc. And that is that it is so disgustingly obvious how overhyped Ribeiro is, and how little respect their is for Koivu from the french media. Those of us who aren't being overwhelmed and constantly fed information about Ribeiro's latest and greatest deke realize that Koivu is the backbone of the franchise, and the icon of the Montreal Canadiens. Not Theodore, not Markov, not Zednik. Koivu is the man and that's the way it should be. Seeing Michel Bergeron label him as selfish and uncaring just further imposes my reasoning.

I respect what you're saying, as well as you as a poster, but I was just giving my opinion. There are 22 other hockey players who should be traded before Koivu.

Thanks, and sorry, again, if you perceived my comments to be cruel or hurtful in any way.

Je suis désolé, mais il y a mon opinion.
Thank you for your honesty and not pointing me with the idea of the french media thing. I also want to say that some opinions Michel Bergeron says at 110% and CKAC are okay but a lot is biaised too. He's a limited analist, he's not very intelligent but he have 14 years of NHL coach experience, he has become a colorfull commentater like Cherry I must say. I listen more to what Dany Dubé says, and Francois Gagnon. I can build my own opinion too and I can be desagree with EVERYONE, no exceptions.

Je sais être juste quand il le faut, il m'est arrivé de me tromper, l'an dernier surtout l'été dernier j'ai souvent posté ici que Ribeiro était trop lent, trop mou et pas assez constant pour avoir sa place dans la NHL. Alors faut pas m'accuser de l'avoir favorisé par rapport à Koivu (qui a été mon idole jusqu'à ce qu'il subisse sa 1ère blessure contre Chicago en 96), depuis il est revenu au jeu plus lent et plus le temps avance, plus je le trouve lent au point que c'en est trop évident. De plus, son lancer est pas fort, ça aide pas non plus...

I can be fairplay when it's time, I was wrong last year, last summer mostly I posted often that Ribeiro was too slow, too soft and too inconsistent to have a regular spot in NHL. So I'm not the person to favorise Ribeiro vs Koivu (who was my NHL idol in 96, till he got his first major knee injury in Chicago in 96), since that time he came back to play with much lees speed, and the more time goes by, the more I find him slow to a point where it's very obvious. And also his shot is not strong, it doesn't help him either...

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