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04-10-2006, 12:09 PM
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Mistake 1: I think many Habs fan saw the potential in Markov but you make it sound like Markov didn't know his own potential and would have willingly signed for longer without a significant pay raise. So Gainey is dumb for not signing him long term? I agree that it would have been nice if he could have signed him long term for cheap but you are the one who is not too bright if you think a player will allow himself to be signed for less than he is worth for a long period of time. If we were all expecting Markov to break out, then Markov was probably also expecting to break out and wasn't about to short change himself.

Mistake 2: Not exactly sure what was wrong with this deal. Koivu was playing into a free agent year. So I fully expect that both Gainey and Koivu agreed that they would sign for a year and then based on production and how the team progressed, they would evaluate the situation and then resign him or let him test the waters. I'm thankful they resigned him and I think the contract is ok. I would prefer a bigger first line centre but Koivu is the heart and soul of this team right now and I am happy to see him stick around for another 3 years.

Mistake 3: This is probably the only real mistake that Gainey made as far as I'm concerned. I liked Theodore and honestly thought he would strive with the equipment rules as I saw him as an athletic goalie but for whatever reason, he really struggled this year. I felt the 3 year contract at almost max value was a bit much though considering his inconsistency but I think it was a situation where Gainey's arms were a little tied. Fans would have potentially called for his head if he hadn't gotten a replacement and Khabibulin and Thibault haven't exactly excelled with their new teams. So unless we were willing to test the waters with unproven goaltenders or sign an aging Joseph or Burke, he pretty much did what was needed. I'm happy that we traded Theodore away but still feel that he has that potential to haunt us in Colorado. I'm just happy he's out of our conference so we won't have to worry about facing him until the Stanley Cup finals for the most part.

Mistake 4: You call it a mistake but I call it trying to fix a hole. Although Bonk has had his moments, I never really felt like we lost anything important and I felt that Bonk might be just the missing link on our 3rd line. He hasn't given me all that I expected but he has for the most part done his job at shutting down the other team's top line. If anything, I'm pleasantly surprised to see how well Plekanec has done this year as I didn't think his skillset would translate so well to the NHL level. As far as I'm concerned, Garon for Huet was almost fair value just with that as to me, Garon never really gave me faith that he'd be able to carry a team for a full year. He excelled in short bursts but just didn't seem to have that "it" factor.

Mistake 5: Looking back now, these signings have cost us a little but it's not like he broke the bank for them. They provide depth in case of injury and will be let go at season's end. Yeah.. this was a huge mistake.

Mistake 6: Overpaid but does the job. I'd prefer an upgrade at the same price as I believe there might have been others available for a comparable price but I'm not going to stress too much over this deal. Dandenault does the trick as a bottom pairing but should have been had for less. The problem is, other teams were offering more so if anything, we might have had to call up a rookie defenseman like Cote which to me is a huge downgrade. Just depends on what else might have been on the table at the time that Gainey made this signing.

I have no idea how anyone can view the Hossa for Murray trade as a bad one. I don't care if Murray was a reject at the time but honestly, Hossa had no place on this team. You can only have three 2nd line forwards and three 3rd line forwards and we had a lot of rookies pushing for positions and vets still holding those positions. Either he was waived since we couldn't send him down to the minors or he was traded for a potential 3rd / 4th line grinder that would, at worse, help our AHL team. The fact that Gainey even got something for Hossa is what makes me happy. I could just imagine the outrage people would have had if he had been forced to just let him go without a trade. Now, looking back, Murray has turned out to be a great 4th liner for us as he's willing to play with energy and grit out there which is exactly what Hossa lacked. So we essentially traded away a poor 2nd liner for a great 4th liner.

I suppose if anything, I disagree with your viewpoint altogether. I'm very happy with what Gainey has done so far minus the Theodore contract but I don't hold him completely responsible with that signing as he really didn't have many options available as far as I'm concerned.

Originally Posted by E = CH²
Markov was always the better defender of the habs. Gainey only had his bad season to base himself on (father dying of cancer, injuries, etc). He didn't sign him for long enough, should have inked them right here and there. I know you are going to say : Eh, it's easy to say in hindsight. Well it's not in hindsight, it's what I thought back then, and I still think it. Particularly after the playoffs. He had picked up his game big time by then and had very good playoffs. I knew he'd explode this season and I said it numerous times on this board as well. Markov's talent is just too easy to notice for anyone having anything ressembling an eye for hockey.

But that isn't so bad because we can still resign him, altough it's going to cost a lot.

2nd mistake, ink Koivu for only one year.

3rd mistake, that awful contract to Theodore.

4th mistake, trading Garon. Ok, yes huet is playing amazing hockey, but that trade is pure luck. Gainey was getting 2nd/3rd line shutdown center and a back up. Not a #1 keeper and a 4th liner. Gainey had no idea, nor did ANYONE else, huet was going to be that good. It put him into a weak negotiating position with Meehan's client and he had to bend over.

5th mistake, sign Dagenais, Sundstrom... Why ? Especially when we could have had a guy like Lappy instead. I'd much rather overpay for him than for Dagenais or Sundstrom.

6th mistake, the contract to Dandenault. I'm sure the contract was signed with the thought that Dandy could be something more than he was in Detroit. Not the case, the guy is a born bottom pairing guy. He's finally started to come into his own at the end of the season, but let's see him keep playing like this before thinking it was a fair price to pay for him.

One thing I disagreed with was the trade of Hossa for Murray. Simply because I thought Murray was useless since he had been cut from a poor rangers teams with a rather unknown 3rd and 4th lines (before the season began). It's not that I thought Hossa was destined for greatness for sure. It's just that I'd rather have gambled he reached it then acquire a dime a dozen 4th line pluggers.

Now, he corrected most of those mistakes, and it takes a man to see his mistakes and have the guts to assume them by correcting the situation.

I never had any question that this season would be a good one. I expected 5th place.

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