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06-23-2012, 06:19 PM
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Originally Posted by UniverStalinGraduate View Post
How does Collberg rank above Beaulieu?
I wouldn't anyone but Galchenyuk over Beaulieu until I see differently, as I think Beaulieu still has the 2nd highest upside of any Hab prospect as of today. But it's not uncomon to see fans get excited for the new kids on the block, so it's to be expected. If Collberg ends up being a better prospect then guys like Beaulieu/Tinordi etc... then that's just great for us.

Originally Posted by hogtownhabsfan View Post
Beaulieu didn't have a great year of development whether this board wants to admit it or not. He's looking alot more like a 2nd tier offensive dman, and that's only if he refines his defensive game and improves his decision making.
I was impressed with Beaulieu in the couple times I saw him this season, except for the wjc's I'd say his development this year was very good. I don't know why this board needs to admit otherwise, everything I've heard from contacts seems to suggest the same although for me I get my best read on the prospects when they are in Hamilton so we'll see how he does next year. Personally not sure why he's looking more like a 2nd tier offensive D, as he seems to have impressive offensive tools from what i've seen, I just worry about the mental lazyness in his own end.

Originally Posted by HomaridII View Post
I know I am in the minority here .. but I would think hard about putting Gallagher ahead of Collberg.

Gallagher will be a top 6 player in the NHL.
I don't think it should be the minority, as it should be close as Gallagher brings jam along with the offense so you get the feeling that even if he doesn't make it in the top 6 that he could still be useful in another role. Of course we'll have to see how he adjusts to the AHL as it's tough to judge how any kid is going to respond when moving from juniors to pros. With Collberg it sounds like he's got the speed and shot along with putting up some numbers at the international tournaments which usually gets you noticed when you do in terms of the fans. Will be interesting to see how both develop over the next couple of years.

Originally Posted by davedave View Post
In terms of hunches (even less informed than opinions), I am not thrilled with Beaulieu. I think it was whitesnake who at one time, at least, mentioned Hainsey. I get the same association. Objectively, a very impressive package, but something just missing that separates really good hockey players from players with good or even superior hockey attributes.
I've made the Hainsey comparison around, not to suggest that he will be on the level of Hainsey but that his mental laspes in his own end remind me of Hainsey who made the same lazy mistakes (imo). I think Beaulieu has higher upside but I also think he needs to work on that as I'm sure coaches will give him some room if he's putting up points but at the same time if he's going to be a top pairing D you can't have him making simple mistakes in his own his end consistently.

Where I think Beaulieu is further ahead of Hainsey when he was in AHL at least, is Beaulieu has an impressive mix of physical abilities and impressive offensive skills. Not that Hainsey didn't have both of those, just that I think and hope that Beaulieu's is even higher as he moves so well and really seems to have the offensive instincts that should serve him well going forward.

Originally Posted by Mathradio View Post
But does Beaulieu actually struggle to skate backwards?
I think he could stand to improve on hid backward skating but i don't think it will hinder him at this point.

Originally Posted by Patofqc View Post
I have seen Ellis play for 25 games this season, he has been better then Gormley, and Gormley has been good. He can do everything very well. Habs fans dont know yet how good this guy will be. Cant wait for next training camp.
I have only seen Ellis a couple times but at this point I wouldn't have him over Beaulieu or Tinordi. I felt both were more impressive at the Memorial Cup and while we'll see how all 3 translate to the pros next season, I wouldn't rank Ellis higher until I see how his skating/mobility effects him at the next level. Either way though the Habs are loaded with impressive D prospects with these 3 plus they have Bennett/Thrower/Dietz/etc...

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