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06-23-2012, 06:36 PM
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Getting custom Bauer skates

Some I'm in the process of getting a pair of custom Bauers for my apparent oddball feet. To describe my feet I would say that my forefoot is normal, while my heel is very narrow and boney. I looked around for a pair of retail skates that would suit me but all I could find were GRAFS, and unfortunately, my family's shop doesn't seal with GRAF. So instead of dishing out the 500-600 dollars I would have to to get the GRAFS I would need, I decided to try the Bauer custom fit skate route.

I called up our shop's Bauer rep and told him what I wanted and what my problem was and he told me to trace out my foot on a piece of paper and send it to the custom fitting guy up in Exeter, New Hampshire. I was talking to the rep about the process and what they were going to do and whatnot and he asked me what kind of skate I wanted and this is where my problem is... he said that they only offer the TotalONE and APX skates in a custom version. This kind of sucks because I'm pretty sure my pops doesn't want to dish out 600 and whatever dollars to get his son that has only been playing for about a year and a half custom skates (although he did let me take a pair of S17 LE's that weren't selling... and they were about 600 LOL).

So anyway, my question is: Does Bauer only do customs for their top of the line skates such as the TotalONE and APX, or is our rep wrong? I could swear that I've read on another website that Bauer DOES indeed offer cheaper models to customize...

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