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06-23-2012, 07:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
Right... because they were the ones used defensively. They aren't good enough to win the battle and carry it out of the zone like EJ did for the Avs, but they were good enough to keep the play outside and defend the crease, thus causing a lot of perimeter shots on net. Resulting in the huge shot disparity.

However, lots of shots against does not mean poor defensive play, in fact you can't gauge that without watching them in action or at the very least analyzing the situational stats better.

Shutdown pairings are notorious for being poorly reflected by advanced statistics, shutdown pairings also skew team QoC data (which is why people try to argue against EJ, when he was not always used against the top opposition because Hejda/ROB were).

In a situation like the Avs where we had a lot more big defensive defenders than mobile guys, we made a decision to play a shutdown pairing and use our more mobile guys for offense. This does not mean they are our best defenders, EJ was easily. But it does mean that we trusted them with difficult assignments and going by our team results they largely exceled.

This can be infered because if a pairing gets the more difficult assignments and the team as a whole has a favorable ranking defensively, it must be assumed the shutdown pairing did their job well. Otherwise you'd have to have the other 2 pairings letting in almost no goals all season to account for the GA/G the Avs have.
Sure, all right. Not claiming O'Byrne is terrible defensively, just saying

Originally Posted by OReally View Post
Avs fans aren't saying he is anything more than a good 3rd pairing guy.

If you're consistently playing them against 1st lines, your team is in trouble imo. That includes more than just defensive zone starts. I'm sure they did all right this season, but they shouldn't be a long term solution.

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