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Originally Posted by Pi View Post
I don't see why many people here are saying directly or indirectly "It's Luongo or bust"

Brian Burke today.

If the 40 odd games last season he played wasn't enough to show he was a good goaltender on a consistent basis, why is the 30 odd games he played in a year he got a concussion spell that he is not good enough to be a #1? It doesn't make sense.

People here often say we don't have Ryan Miller, Carey Price, Lundqvist, Rinne, middle of the pack guys like Lehtonen, Howard etc.

Jonathan Quick didn't become an elite goalie overnight. It takes hard work and dedication, something James Reimer has. Now before you call me a homer, I'm not saying Reimer will be an elite goalie, I just think that writing the season off just because Reimer could possibly be our #1 goalie is stupid.

Not too long ago Jonathan Quick was seen as a placeholder for Jonathan Bernier who would assume the #1 role. Things change from year to year.

We've got a new coach who will employ defense in his system as much as offense. Reimer will have a lot to prove and I think he'll show his mettle.

If we don't give a goalie an opportunity to go through the good and bad, we'll never find a goalie good enough to be a #1. We can't just keep recycling goalies year to year.

He'll bounce back this season without a doubt.
Problem is we go from a small amount of games isn't enough to guarantee how good he'll be, then another small amount of games isn't enough to say he isn't good enough, and then the big conclusion is that he'll bounce back without question? It was questionable to go into last season with two inexperienced goalies and that remains the same issue going into this upcoming season.

Now are right that we'll never develop a goalie good enough to be the top guy if we don't just let them play. But we can certainly find #1 goalies without that. Like back when we brought in Belfour, boom number 1 goalie right there. Bringing in a #1 goalie gives you exactly that.

We may not be doomed if we don't find another goalie to add to this situation, but we're hardly guaranteed to have a good run either. Right now the goaltending situation is the major weak point going into next season. Whether we add Luongo and then have a #1 goalie, or add an experienced guy as a safety net, we need to add someone. I like Reimer, but not going to tie the result of next season solely to him.

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