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Originally Posted by CPrice 31 View Post
I watched Triple H vs. Cactus Jack inside Hell in a Cell and Edge/Mysterio vs. Benoit/Angle from No Mercy 2002.

Triple H vs. Cactus Jack - ****1/4
This entire program really solidified Triple H in that top position. This was a great Hell in a Cell match which featured an innovative spot to get out of the Hell in a Cell after the door had all those padlocks all over them. It all flowed pretty well and Foley once again bumping like a mad man, falling off the Cell through the announce table and a back body drop through the Cell roof and through the ring. Both men were awesome in this match.

Edge & Mysterio vs. Benoit & Angle - ****3/4
This, quite possibly, is the best tag team match I ever saw. Holy ****. I wish WWE put out tag team matches like this and gave it the time it got as well. This match was phenomenal. All four guys in the match were at the top of their game and there were tons of great spots. All four men were equally involved and told a really nice story. The finish with Angle and Edge reversing ankle locks was magnificent. Just a tremendous tag team match and to my best recollection, this is the best tag team match I have ever seen.
Watched the HHH/Cactus Jack match. Mick Foley is nuts. You couldn't pay me any amount of money to do some of the stuff he did.

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