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06-23-2012, 09:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Bonzai12 View Post
I can't speak for the rest of your trip but roads are going to be dicey in Wyoming. It's really hit or miss depending on the weather.

I go to Wyoming at least once a month for my work and in the winter I try to fly because you never know when they are going to close down the roads (and they close parts of I-25 and I-70 often).

If you do go, I would plan some extra time (4-8 hours) for any side trips you have to take because of road closures.

The snow in Wyoming isn't the problem - it's the wind and sheets of ice that build up.
So true. Northern Idaho is very messy as well that time of year.

Originally Posted by S E P H View Post
When I played Manitoba for a season, I drove from Denver to Manitoba and I can say that the highways are decent, but the roads in North Dakota are brutal and are the probably the same for Northern Idaho and Montana.

Best way to go imo is from Vancouver down into Seattle to Utah.
You will be pretty much in the "clear" from Vancouver to parts of Oregon, but driving through the Cascades as well as the Rockies is very unpredictable that time of year. Another thing- I-70 from Grand Junction, CO to about Winter Park, CO this time of year tends to have frequent road closures (the same with Utah). Eisenhower Tunnel *shudders*

I personally would fly from VAN or CGY to Denver this particular time of year (will be pricey, however, and getting to and fro Denver International Airport stinks if you do not have a car). Driving from Calgary to Vancouver can get nasty, too (friends got stuck around Revelstoke in the snow on the highway for 12 hours a few years back making that trip). Summer driving is great, but winter driving? EHHHHHHHH.

BUT if you decide to drive, head down Washington to Oregon ... to Utah and judge your path from there (either hop on I-70 to CO or hop on 1-80 [I think] to Wyoming to I-25 into CO) depending on road conditions.

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