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04-10-2006, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by E = CH²

Markov was always the better defender of the habs. **...} I know you are going to say : Eh, it's easy to say in hindsight. Well it's not in hindsight, it's what I thought back then, and I still think it.
Tivia time ; name me the players who signed long term and were more than 1 year away from being UFA? Rookie contracts don't count, of course.

I can only think of one and it's a bad contract.

You haven't said anythig in hidsight because you don't know what is long-term contract is going to be and that will determine who was right.
Bob made a safe and conservative move.

Originally Posted by E = CH²

2nd mistake, ink Koivu for only one year.
I was a strong believer in 1-year contracts last summer and still am.

Originally Posted by E = CH²
3rd mistake, that awful contract to Theodore.
Market price. Of course, Theo's performances this year make you look like a genius.

Originally Posted by E = CH²
4th mistake, trading Garon. Ok, yes huet is playing amazing hockey, but that trade is pure luck. Gainey was getting 2nd/3rd line shutdown center and a back up. Not a #1 keeper and a 4th liner. Gainey had no idea, nor did ANYONE else, huet was going to be that good. It put him into a weak negotiating position with Meehan's client and he had to bend over.
That's one way of seeing it.

Originally Posted by E = CH²
5th mistake, sign Dagenais, Sundstrom... Why ? Especially when we could have had a guy like Lappy instead. I'd much rather overpay for him than for Dagenais or Sundstrom.
I would have kept Perreault over Dagenais but that's about it. Still, I can understand why Dagenais and Sundstrom got a job. 4 rookies is already alot in a line-up.

Originally Posted by E = CH²
6th mistake, the contract to Dandenault. I'm sure the contract was signed with the thought that Dandy could be something more than he was in Detroit.
Bottom pairing veteran d-man are going for 2M$ on the UFA market at the moment and it might get worse this summer.

You can question his moves but still, it's too early to call any of these moves mistakes.

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