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06-23-2012, 10:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Ball1374 View Post
Speaking of great tag team matches, I found this gem yesterday. Awesome, awesome match that told a great story. Phenomenal!

Before I watched the Edge/Mysterio vs. Benoit/Angle match, the best tag team match I ever saw before that was Sting/Steamboat vs. Austin/Flair which I got to see on Austin's recent DVD. That one was another awesome tag team match which I'd give a ****1/4, but the Edge/Mysterio vs. Benoit/Angle match is without a doubt the best tag match I've seen. Just unbelievable action.

Originally Posted by canucksfan View Post
Watched the HHH/Cactus Jack match. Mick Foley is nuts. You couldn't pay me any amount of money to do some of the stuff he did.
The fall off the side of the Cell through the announce table? I'd probably do that. The back body drop through the Cell roof and through the ring? I wouldn't do it. That's just crazy.

If I was watching the match live, I'd also be worried for Triple H and Foley if the part of the Cell roof in the corner had caved in and collapsed. Triple H and/or Foley would've both fallen through and down onto the floor if it caved in, which it was close to doing.

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