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06-23-2012, 11:02 PM
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Leafs fans here to give you some of my thoughts on Gus. Unlike many Leafs fans, I still see the potential in Gus and I've always had the feeling that if Gus had any shot of proving his worth as an NHL calibre goalie, it most likely would not be in a Leafs uniform. I might ramble a bit but hopefully my post is worthwhile to anyone interested in knowing what Gus is like.

Gus' best attributes are his size and athleticism in the net. I've always wondered how working with Allaire has affected his game as Allaire is very focused on positional goaltending while Gus is very much the opposite of that. I think that Gus' best games were the ones where he stopped 'thinking' about what he should be doing and simply allow himself to read the play and react instinctively to it. If you have a goalie coach that can work and encourage that style of play, I think you might see Gus' brilliance more often than we Leafs fans did.

One of Gus' bad points is that in a single game, you can see the best and worst of him. He can make brilliant save after brilliant save only to allow a weak goal at a really bad time in the game. Gus did have a good stretch in the season for the Leafs, but at one point in the season, the commentators mentioned that Gus had the second most goal support of all the goalies in the league. Tim Thomas was the only goalie that had more than him. His winning record wasn't solely by means of having excellent games (he certainly did have some standout performances in the season) but other times he had his team bail him out offensively. If the Jets have above average offensive output, then this might not be a problem.

Also, over the years I've found that Gus best performs when he's given a string of starts to help build his confidence and carry forward momentum. Having him sit on the bench for several games and then randomly give him a start and then back on the bench again for the next game is not a setup that seems to work well for him. I'm assuming that Gus was acquired as backup so that might be a bit concerning.

I really like the guy based on his interviews and just knowing his personal story so I do hope that he finds success. Best of luck to him wherever he ends up. I don't mind if he goes beastmode for another team, I just hope that he doesn't become one of the many goalies that constantly burn the Leafs when they play against him, lol.

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