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Originally Posted by sarcastro View Post
I wish they hadn't taken a goalie - particularly one from the OHL. But I suppose lightning can strike anywhere, so what the hell. Nothing against Paterson as I have no idea whether he currently is or will ever be any good. The odds are against him though, and they're much worse than they would be if they'd taken a skater there. And there were plenty of good skaters to be taken. If you must waste a pick on a goalie, I'd prefer that it be a 6th rounder instead of a 3rd.

Frk is a fine pick, I am worried about the skating but if he can get into top shape and max out whatever wheels he has, he could be a good add.

I don't like the AA pick because most of the scouting reports I've read on him say he has little or no hockey sense. The AHL and European leagues are riddled with fast skaters with no hockey sense and little guys with great hockey sense who can't skate. I worry AA will be one of the former.

I am fine with the other picks because they're fliers and they're all big dudes that apparently have great wheels. Those are great guys to take fliers on. I just wish they had taken a couple more of them earlier, when the odds of panning out would have been better.

You never really know. We'll have to wait and see like everyone else.
Having read the RWC article on Paterson, the Wings said they had 3 goalies in the top 30 on their list, so maybe there's a chance that we lucked out picking up Quincey instead of having the brass waste our 1st on a goalie.

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