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06-24-2012, 12:13 AM
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Can you explain Line Changes?

So a little background on me. Im 25 years old, and as a kid i use to play street hockey out in front of my house. Now that im old enough to afford to play, i want to start playing ice hockey. I think im ok on skates since ive been going to open skate sessions pretty much my whole life. I can skate backwards, stop, pivot, etc...

The deal is that about 4 years ago when i was getting ready to get into hockey, the local rink roof collapsed under the weight of the snow, so i put that plan on the back burner of life. I just found out that theyre rebuilding the rink and it is almost complete!! The grand opening is sometime mid July, and i want to at least have the basic rules of the game down so i know sorta what im doing out there. Ive never really followed the NHL until this past season, so im still learning a lot of the rules.

The thing im confused about most is line changes. I dont know how/when to change, how long to stay on the ice per shift, etc... For now im just gonna play some pick-up hockey and im sure ill learn a bunch of stuff there, but I'd at least like to know how to change shifts so i dont make anyone mad by being out too long, not jumping out when im supposed to, switching at the wrong moment. or something that will generally make me look like an idiot.

Just for fun, heres a video of the old rink after the roof collapsed, and some pictures of the new rink in construction

Heres a full gallery of images from Empty dirt lot all the way to the current progress. Im so excited to start playing!

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