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06-24-2012, 01:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
Who the **** reads scouting reports, then says retarded **** like this? Honestly?

How about when you finally you know, see DP play, you admit you are a whiner and will actually stop using silly scouting rankings to tell you who will be a better pro?

The first time you see DP play you are going to feel like a total ass, bet that bro. Just like the paper scouts who whined about Morrow last year. He shut them right the **** up pretty fast.
Jesus, I get it, you drank the Shero kool-aid and will defend every pick he ever makes and that's awesome, but get off your high horse, bro. It must be nice being so much smarter and so much more informed on these guys than everyone else here, lol.

Just because I haven't scouted these players doesn't mean I can't form an opinion about them. I guess there should be a separate thread where the informed posters who actually watch all these prospects can talk, while all of us ignorant fans who read scouts and rankings can make wild speculations in another thread.

And just because Morrow had a great year doesn't automatically make every pick Shero makes a stud. That's just ignorance. Not to mention that Morrow was BPA (or close to it) so your comparison sucks. Pouliot was not BPA on anyone's list besides Shero and was a total reach at 8th overall. You can trust Shero all you want but untill Pouliot actually produced in the NHL, and proves that he's a better player than both Forsberg and Grigorenko I'm not going to be happy with the pick.

Originally Posted by Mr. T View Post
You know
The same way you "know" that I'm wrong.

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