Thread: Prospect Info: Last pick, #188 is....Louie Nanne
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06-24-2012, 01:45 AM
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Originally Posted by State of Hockey View Post
Great, so you were go off of another person's research on a completely different data set than the one I'm using. No wonder. Scouting has improved markedly since then, and the good players are being drafted closer and closer to #1. So data for that time period is obsolete for predicting today. For example, the 1st round/200-game percentage from 1998-2004 is 65%. That's a lot different from the numbers they were getting.
Again, if you have evidence of this, provide it. Handing off a bunch of raw data is an extremely amateur way of saying "I don't have an actual argument."

Furthermore, you're even arguing against yourself. As scouting improves, the number of successful 7th rounders will decrease because they will be properly identified in the earlier rounds, increasing the success rate of early rounds while decreasing the success rate of later ones.

Your statement was false. It was false the last time you made it. It will continue to be false the next time you make it. Continuing to post it constitutes trolling.

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