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06-24-2012, 03:52 AM
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Originally Posted by bleedblue1223 View Post
I'm talking strictly on the business side of things. I think he got to caught up in pleasing the fans and took it too an extreme. It worked, but he lost a lot of revenue in the process.
Disagree here in part. I think Checketts did have relatively lousy business sense but not for the reasons you specify. The fact that he sold off the concession percentage was dumb.
I am not sure how much you can blame him trying to please the fans though. After the lockout and the Laurie debacle he had to go a bit above and beyond to get butts in the seats at the Kiel. Signing the free agents he did was likely not his preferred way of handling things, but with the Blues pulling in an astounding 13K a night they had to get the casual fan interested again. Plus with a team as poor as the Blues the only players you are going to get to join your team will be those with dollar signs in their eyes.

JD isn't even an essential piece anymore as they don't need someone out selling the team to the public.
Checketts was not given the gift of foresight, I doubt he or any other person in the Blues' brass saw the rise from out of the playoffs to being within a few points of the President's trophy coming. And if the Blues backslide next year because they over-achieved this past one, it may be nice to have JD there again to get people to back off the ledges.

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