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Originally Posted by UDnyr92 View Post
that may be the worst comparison possible to make your point... because in using just Gretzky's name, it brings to mind all of his accomplishments and standing during his already past, great NHL career.
perhaps you didn't understand what i was saying/arguing:

Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway
You don't pay that kind of money for someone who projects to anything. You pay that kind of money for a proven commodity.
basically the above is saying that you don't pay any player the max ELC.
so i'll restate in case you couldn't comprehend my initial post:

let's say that wayne gretzky is in the exact same situation as schultz-- drafted by anaheim and found a loophole to become a free agent. let's say that wayne is up for grabs. does his 'projected' skill-set not earn him the max ELC (which is there for a reason)? when every other team in the league is going to be offering the MAX, then you have to match that to be at even odds. are you going to offer a projected to be #1 player $2 million flat and expect them to sign when vancouver is offering $3.8 million? of course not. the guy earned the pay in college. all drafts are a risk. if he turns out to be a #1-2 defenseman then the risk pays out. if he doesn't then boo hoo we lost cap space for a guy who had a very low risk of failure.

personal thought on schultz specifically: the max ELC may not be earned by the kid, but we don't have the option when every other team in the league will offer him the max without a question. it's a competitive market and we can't let anything-- especially a couple million (bonuses included) deter him from signing here over another team. i want this kid more than anybody on the market. nobody is a guaranteed superstar their first season. for all we know gretzky could have had a concussion and sucked the rest of his career-- but the risk of overpaying for a couple years imo is an acceptable one for the potential gain that you get by offering him the max.

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