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Originally Posted by Capn Brown View Post
He can play center? He's listed as LW. Which does he play more often? Which forward position is he best at?

He can, and it is actually his natural position.

Prokhorkin at 121st definitely has to be among the top candidates for steal of the draft right now.

The fact 29 teams let him slip to the end of the 4th round (Kings didn't have 2nds and 3rds so i'll leave them out) makes me question one more time if NHL teams really know what they do at the draft.
Obviously there is the Russian factor in play here, but the guy attended the combine,and everything seems to suggest he is very open to pursuing a NHL career. Considering what the Kings did in the past with Russians, maybe he even committed already. Nothing other NHL teams couldn't research as well (apparently only 5+ teams interviewed him)...

And obviously he was underexposed this year because of injuries and birthdate (not eligible for U18), but it's not like he wasn't well known already last season..

The guy possesses well above average skills (hands, shot, vision) and plays a very complete game. Not your typical Russian prospect cause he likes to engage physically (i'm sure this increased Lombardi's interest) and has some sort of a mean streak to his game. A rare case of a russian whose game seems more suited for the N.A rink eventually.
I've read in the past someone criticizing his defensive positioning, but on the contrary he seemed very responsable to me, even more so for a guy who, before his recent KHL sample, has always been relied upon for his contribution on offense.
Was used as a 4th liner in his KHL stint and did well in a checking role as a 18yrs old, so much that during the playoffs his icetime increased. So i actually consider his two-way game another plus.
He is a guy that could still be effective one day as a 3rd line center even if his offense would stall (would be a shame cause his potential is much better than that).
I see him listed at 6'2, but to me looks more like 6'3. Very good strength already despite his upper body being very green.

One thing that i remember questioning was his agility, in some games his feet looked a bit heavy; on the other hand, he is strong on his skates and skates well backwards too. Looks like a guy that can improve his speed and agility moving forward.

I really can't find any reason why he would drop to the 3rd round, let alone the end of the 4th. Maybe he could be more reactive, but imo it's just that he is raw and needs to play more than he did this past season.

Best case scenario for his development would be playing at least one KHL season as a top 9 regular; however i'm not sure that would happen with CSKA as they seem to be investing quite some money for next season.
The CHL would be a clear step backwards, even if he would get lots of top 6 ice.
The AHL i fear could really hamper the full development of his offensive game, i think he needs to learn to be effective against adults first and gain full confidence in his game before crossing the ocean.

All in all, if i were to draft without considering his nationality and injuries, i would have easily picked him in the first round.

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