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04-10-2006, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by trippyime
Yeah and Donald Brashear is supposed to fight and Derian Hatcher is supposed to be one of the meanest SOBs to play against in this league. Brashear has done anything but fight all year and Hatcher has been one of the softest defenders I've seen in a long time. I don't care what Clarke's intent was, Hitch is the guy telling the players how to play.
That makes absolutely zero sense, I can't even express how ridiculous that sounds. So Hitchcock is the reason that Hatcher hasn't played mean when it was under Hitch that Hatcher established the reputation of being mean? Think about how insane that sounds. Hatcher has had games this season when he's played nasty and games he hasn't, that has absolutely nothing to do with what Hitch is telling him to do (I think Hatch is hurt right now, the only explanation I can come up with for his play of late after playing very well over a 40 game stretch).

Also, you pointed to Gauthier not hitting after the charging penalty in the Rangers game. If you had continued to watch Guathier, you would have seen that he made numerous runs at players. The Rangers were aware when he was on the ice and didn't put themselves into the position to be run over, that doesn't mean Gauthier wasn't trying to run them over.

I'm tired of this misconception that Hitch is the sole reason this team doesn't defend eachother at times and play nasty. That's on a lot of the players. You don't see Richards hesitating to drop the gloves when he deems it necessary and Hitch doesn't take away Mike's icetime when he does fight. It's up to the physical players on this team to play physical,throw their body around, and stick up for their other teammates. It's Donald Brashear who hasn't done his job numerous times this season, not Hitch telling Brash to stay away from fighting. Hopefully we'll see a more physical team in the playoffs from all players involved, not just Gauthier.

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