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06-24-2012, 08:27 AM
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Originally Posted by LOFIN View Post
Although I don't agree with a majority of your posts in this thread, I somewhat agree with you on this. Allthough in my oppinion, parity is great for sport and competition, the NA way of doing it is ridicilous. I hate the artificial parity NFL and NHL has (salary cap, draft, revenue sharing). It's a joke. I mean you should have an even playingfield to some extent, for an example TV money distributed evenly to every team in the league (unlike in La liga for some time when only Real and Barca got a slice thus widening the gap between them and the poorer teams even more). However, local revenues and marketing is only the business of that particular team and if some teams do it better and earn money, well that's good for them. You earn your position among the top tier. If your team or city isn't good/interresting enough, tough luck son. If your team isn't playing in the top tier, you have to accept it and hope you and your team can maybe play there in the future. I'm not a rich man atm either, but then I should try to improve my situation, and if I can't, well that's how it is then.
agree. This is an ideal start situation to create brand new club for KHL. And change it a bit more.

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