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11-28-2003, 09:58 PM
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Gaaaaah!!! Rant!!!

Sorry if I'm not allowed to post rants, but I really need to vent...

In Jacques Demers' latest article (, he questions Koivu's abilities as a team captain. Now I don't have anything this; I find Demers is one of the brighter spots on the RDS's crew and I may be wrong, but I don't feel that he's biased in any way. So when he questions Koivu's abilities, I don't mind listening to the points he makes.

So I finished his article, and that's where I made my mistake. I should've stopped there, but no... I glanced at the talkback message titles. And what do I see? A message titled "Un Nord Américain S.V.P.", written by some guy called Sebastien Létourneau, essentially saying Koivu sucks and Ribeiro (!!!!) should be captain.

WHAT THE !@#$??? I know this isn't really new to anyone, but it really upset me this time. Not the ignorant comment with the incredibly racist title: I'm actually getting desensitized to these type of things. What really REALLY bothered me is the fact that RDS, who takes the time to censor messages it doesn't like, allowed this one to be posted. At least change the title before posting it!!!

I'm sick and tired of the blatant racism being dished out by RDS day in and day out... Is there someone I can complain to about this crap? I have an incredible urge to write a letter of complaint... I noticed the Bell Logo on the bottom on RDS's webpage... maybe to them?

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