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06-24-2012, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by dougieg93 View Post
I think us drafting Finn and Rielly refrains the Leafs from being a preferable team for Schultz. I really think he signs with Edmonton.
Those two are years away. I doubt Schultz is concerned with a logjam two years from now, or that he feels heat from the 10% chance that a 2nd round pick makes the bigs. From his perspective Holzer is just another AHL player and Franson is a 6-7 guy and those aren't the spots he is after.

I can't read the guys mind but the allure of the club Edmonton may have in a couple years is not likely going to be an overwhelming incentive. He sees today a perpetual doormat, even more so than the Leafs, and a defensive corp that is kind of a mess. Does he want a savior tag and is he prepared for what could be a meat grinder for a couple of years until they add a bit more to get it straightened out? I happen to think Edmonton could be good for him but it promises to be the most challenging option for a year or two so it depends on his confidence level whether he wants to bite that off.

He's BC born so isn't that a more likely landing spot, given the club has opportunity, but is also a powerhouse? Not knowing the motivation for him bailing on Anaheim it's a tough call. Maybe Anaheim and Toronto are just a bit too big. Madison WI has only around 250,00 people. If he wants to stay in the east because of his life in Wisconsin then Minneapolis and Chicago are much closer than any other clubs. If he has actually said he wants Canada that's different.

Okay so my pick is Edmonton too If he really wants Canada but has never lived in a city the size of Toronto, and his family is from the west, it makes sense he would want to come to a western club. I think Tambellini would promise him whatever he had to, because he is way overdue to pull off something big as a GM(drafting 1st every year isn't a plus on his resume).

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