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06-24-2012, 12:32 PM
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I used to play with an old t-shirt undernearth my shoulder pads but it would get soaked and be pretty uncomfortable by the end of the game, plus I found all that sweat clinging to my body resulted in me stinking to high heaven at the end of a game.

I started playing without a shirt, felt cooler, more comfortable, but now my pads got even sweatier than before and I still stank pretty bad after games.

I decided to try out a moisture wicking shirt a week ago, went to an UA outlet and got a Heatgear long sleeve compression shirt. After playing in it twice I can say that it definitely does the job of moisture wicking. After a game I did feel a little sweaty but tons less than with a t-shirt or no shirt at all. Plus my smell level dropped dramatically almost to nothing and my gear seemed less damp.

I did feel a bit warmer wearing it vs no shirt at all, but lots cooler than a t-shirt and still comfortable in general temperature-wise. As for the compression, it took some getting used to but seemed comfortable...can't say if it improved my muscle performance or anything like that (my whole performance needs work lol) but it did give a nice supportive feel.

Anyhow, just my 2 cents, I'm going to keep wearing it just for the sweat benefits if nothing else and probably grab some compression shorts too!

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