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I've never heard of ESPN Hockey Insider Grant Sonier so before I post what he said, I'll let you know what I dug up on him.

He coached professional for about 7 years before moving into minor league management for a big. Hockey has been his career for 19 years, but he's most recently been an amateur scout, and even assistant director of amateur scouting for LA) for 6 different NHL teams: Columbus, Florida , Los Angeles, Boston, and Atlanta. So my guess is he wasn't retained by Winnipeg in the move last summer so he latched on at ESPN. He has a long background in hockey though, especially amateur scouting, so you'd think he'd have a good grasp of NHL prospects.

Here's what he had to say about Faksa

My surprise pick to play next season is Faksa. Dallas puts a premium on hockey sense and skating, and this Czech-born forward continues to improve at a rapid rate. With his smarts, he will learn his craft by playing a strong two-way game, and he can get time on the PK.
Faksa was 1 of only 4 players (Yakupov, Murray, Grigorenko, and Faksa) who Sonier labled as, "Can Play Next Season."

I doubt it happens, but one NHL scout thinks he could make the jump.

What I'd personally love to see is Dallas to build in a max 1 game played bonus (I think it's about $307.5K right now) to his contract. Then give him at least 1 NHL game before going back to Kitchener.

That would give a big chunk of change to help him and his family out, and a pretty great reward for the hard work and sacrifice that's got him to this point. That + his signing bonus would give him about $400K next season. The only draw back with that move would be his contract would be eligible to slide twice so you'd have to be prepared to pony up that bonus at the beginning of every year for at least 2 years if not 3. However, you could go with a standard contract and no games played bonuses the final two years of the deal.

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