Thread: News Article: Ryan hopes to be traded to Flyers
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06-24-2012, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by sm0ka47 View Post
Management is just stupid. I like the talent they acquire in these trades but you can't just keep this revolving roster going.

I'm sorry but Coubrn is our most reliable defenseman. What sense does that make? Mez isn't ready for any type of increased role. Not only that why not just go with the safer option by signing a free agent winger? Just stupid if this trade is true. I understand the love for Ryan. But that love is just blind and down right retarded. is stupid because you heard a rumor that Coburn was being traded?

At least wait for him to be traded before criticizing management.

The same thing happened with Schenn (Brayden). His name got involved in the rumors, everyone freaked out, then it came out that Holmgren was totally against moving him. For all we know, Murray is asking for Coburn and Holmgren is pushing Meszaros instead...

I'm completely against trading Coburn, but, jeez
, people need to wait for all the facts to make these judgments.

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