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Originally Posted by cydas View Post
Propably, yes. However people who are really passionate about their hockey(and there are many of us in Finland) would propably still stick with their SM-liiga teams. However many casual hockey viewers and gloryhunters would propably hop in the KHL team bandwagon .
clubs have to lure more and more fans if they want to be successfull. People who really care about hockey and local club are great, but it is a small group of people. Have many these fans does your club have? over 2000? more? Even 10 000 such fans is not enough. Clubs need to attract new fans and they are not succesfull while playing domestic leagues (I can say about Slovakia). Look at Slova, club will have fans from people who supported club in past AND new fans from region (who are not so hockey crazy) and maybe whole Slovakia (who likes hockey, good hockey). These new groups of fans would not support Slovan if playing domestic league.

Who is true fan according to your oppinion? I think it is a person who will ALLWAYS support local club. Who will support the club if playing domestic league or international league. Allways, that is true fan not a person who wont support the club if playing international league. Look, true fan of Slovan supported club when playing czecho-slovak 2nd tier, czecho-slovak elite league, slovak league and KHL as well. Allways. A person, who has supported Slovan for decades, stop supporting Slvoan today (because KHL) is not true fan of Slovan for me. Maybe you have another definition of true fan

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