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11-28-2003, 10:51 PM
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Originally Posted by rinkrat13
I know that Vanek is having another good year (so far) - GP12 G8 A5 PTS18 PIM26 and hes career stats at Minnesota are - GP57 G39 A36 PTS75

What I'd like to know is what others feel about him... what do you think he will progress? I've read everything from (best case) Hossa (worse case) L.Robitaille.

The reason I;m asking is cuz I have him in our keeper pool and have been offered a deal I'm seriously thinking about making - Bondra & two 2nd Rounders for Stumpel & Vanek (Bondra will be traded for help on D that I need desperately and the two 2nd rounders will prob get me two REALLY good prospetc ie. Barker, Olesz, Malkin, Woywita, Taffe, Parise etc) WHAT WUOLD YOU DO?

From what I've seen of Vanek THIS season (and I've already seen Minnesota play several times), he's getting better....or should I say he's a more "confident" player, especially since Minnesota seems to have gotten their perennial act together as far as winning some games and playing like a team rather than a bunch of individuals that just happen to wear the same uni. More importantly (and to the point) Vanek's offensive production has picked up and rather nicely I might add. While he's got the confidence and offensive part of his game pretty well in hand, I'm still worried about the defensive side of his game. Far too often, I've seen him create turnovers, some of which have resulted in goals for the opposition. Another area I'm a bit concerned about with Vanek is the taking of unnecessary penalties. For instance, there were about 3 infractions in the game vs. Michigan State tonight that could've been called on Vanek. The most blatant one was an unnecessary trip. Fortunately for Vanek and Minnesota they didn't get called, but he/they may not be so lucky next time. However, one area of Vanek's game that seems to be improving (I believe this could fall in the "confidence" catagory) is his physical game. He seems to be playing the body alot more and doing so with some authority. He laid a very nice (brutal) check on MSU's Jim Slater in the game earlier tonight.

Bottom line is, if Vanek can improve his overall defensive play (especially those turnovers!) and cut down taking the occasional dumb penalty, he'll be a wonderful asset to your team.

Anyway, I hope this helps.

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