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06-24-2012, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by dmonk View Post
I'm not sold on Welsh at all. Actually, quite pessimistic about him. So, Juice could work welll as 3C and he can actually excel against weaker opposition.
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That's not how 3C worked when we had Brandon Sutter. He played the toughest competition and took the vast majority of defensive zone faceoffs. He never shifted possession in a positive direction because he didn't have a chance to (it's more a case of him limiting the damage done by the other teams' top players).

Jordan Staal played a lighter version of the same role in Pittsburgh, and he shifted possession solidly in Pittsburgh's favor. That's pretty amazing two-way play.

I think we have a few options, and I wouldn't rely on Welsh (1 NHL game) or Jokinen (who is just fair defensively) being one of them.

We can divide defensive responsibilities among the top line (probably the two Staals and somebody else) and a no-offensive all-checking line with guys like Dwyer and LaRose on it (I believe Dwyer has some experience at center). Or we can give both Staal's the benefit of more offensive zone starts and let the checking line get absolutely murdered, never seeing the light of the offensive zone and putting up less than 20 points.

It's a choice between a balanced model and the Vancouver model: let Malhotra and his wingers get murdered so the Sedins can take up permanent residence in the offensive zone and put up gaudy numbers.

But then we lose what the Staals could do defensively, which would be pretty incredible.

It's going to be an interesting season for once.

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