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06-24-2012, 02:30 PM
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[QUOTE=TheMadHatTrick;51448283]Roberto Luongo's save percentage with an equally enept Florida team over his last 5 years there was 92.6%, or, exactly the same number as it has been with a very good Canucks team over the last 4 years.

The team in front of you should only really affect the amount and quality of shots a goalie faces, and therefore theoretically should not affect a goalie's efficiency relative to their actual ability, and the numbers bear that out.

Luongo gave up way more goals with Florida


Than he did with Vancouver


But his save percentage remains remarkably the same, because those numbers are the closest statistically you can come to judging a goalie's actual ability over a large sample size.

I didn't downplay anything. I prefaced the entire post with the neccesary caveats. It is also a purely statistical analysis, meaning that it can only measure things that can be statistically quantified.

Notice that all of those goalies you have chosen are predominantly backup goalies and have not produced close to a large enough sample size against top competition over an extended period of time from which a reasonable conclusion can be drawn.[/QUOTE]

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