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Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
Makes lots of sense actually. If you knew what the scouts knew about Fox you wouldn't have picked him either..and last time i checked Slepyshev was a Russian that plays in Russia He doesn't come across as the type of guy that's going to commit to playing in why waste a draft pick? Gudbranson.....don't know of a single scout who wanted to draft him.That's why these guys are paid the big bucks...they have info you don't have, or see things that you missed.

There are tangible reasons why several kids who were hyped on here all year weren't picked..guys like those just mentioned, the highly overrated Emil Lundberg (some thought he was a third round pick), Nathan Walker, and so on. This process is supposed to humble the backseat scout a bit..unfortunately what often happens is that the backseat scout takes the opposite approach, and starts proclaiming that the NHL scouts screwed up. I think you'll find that five years from now guys you liked who weren't drafted are nowhere near the NHL, with the very odd exception.
Wow...great response. You do know that I, an idiot armchair scout who don't know anything, work with things I know. So instead of coming here with that great attitude, could have just come, since you know a whole lot, and enlighten us with the reasons why they weren't picked. You do realize that some posts could have been just a way in getting a response from you, for example, like people who do have inside infos, and shed the light as the reasons why things happen like it did.

Not sure what your problem is, if you'd solely allowed posts from guys that work as scouts to post in draft thread, there would be you.....and only you. I guess that's the only way you'd fine some worthy posts in there.....Geez....Those great answers about pros know what they're doing so amateurs just shut up.....If true, nobody could ever say a word about GM's....coaches and players....'cause everyboyd is paid the big bucks while we are just stupid armchair people....Expected a better answer from you but hey that's my problem....

And then, surely guys I liked, with the infos I have, will most likely never make it. Somehow, even pros sees a ton of their players way better than they eventually be doing. Even pros do that. I guess that as backseat scout, I'm also allowed to make a few mistakes....

For the record, CSS had Slepyshev as their top 10 Euro player. OF COURSE, it doesn't mean that teams will pick him top 10 euro 'cause there is that KHL factor and so if I didn't know that. But a Russian that plays in Russia....well that didn't stop Kuznetsov or Tarasenko to be pick in the first round. Did the KHL factor improved immensely with years. I guess it did, which makes Slepyshev CLEARLY not a 1st round pick. But since you keep those Russians rights a whole lot of years...why not make him a pick instead of using on guys who wouldn't make it anyway based on history of the 6th or 7th round? Is his talent not worthy to do that? And by the way, my question of "why not use a 7th rounder, was directed at Slepyshev. I really did ask a question about Fox and Gudbranson. While you did notice I didn't ask a question about Iafrate 'cause me too I wouldn't have picked him even in the 7th round.

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