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06-24-2012, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by nhlfan9191 View Post
Really dude. Loungo is better than Theodore but he really can't play much better than Theo and Clemmenson did this year. And too the people saying Loungo will take us on a deep playoff run, the guy literally **** his pants once in the playoffs. I think we all remember the famous Sabourin moment in the 07 playoffs against Anaheim.
The perception that Luongo is a choker is rather false, as is usually the case when someone is labeled a choker.

Sometimes, the worst thing a star can do is go somewhere where everything is under the microscope.

Everything he does wrong is widely reported, yet all the good things he did are ignored because he didn't get the Cup (a team achievement).

It's very similar to LeBron James. Everyone talked about him when reality is he's only had one bad playoff series his whole entire career.

Like James, Luongo's career postseason #'s are no different than his career regular season #'s; they're actually identical basically.

If anything, he ***** the bed in October every year.

I personally don't like Luongo because I think he's quite the diva (based on his departure here), but he's a better goalie than Theodore. Theodore also only has a year left on his contract so it wouldn't hurt to have someone long-term at the position.

I really don't care if we get Luongo or not as it shouldn't be a priority, but I really don't understand why people like GP would say stuff like: "Luongo has the worst contract in hockey." (false)

Saying you (not you, but GP) wouldn't trade a package like Upshall (worse contract) + something minimal is rather laughable.

Luongo is overpaid much like Brian Campbell is overpaid. They're not worth the money they get, but they're still very good players. Look at Luongo's career #'s and you're not going to find many goalies who put up the #'s he puts up on a year-to-year consistent basis. People here trust Tallon; there's a reason why Dale Tallon has shown interest.

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