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06-24-2012, 03:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Crispy Crust View Post
It isn't his account.!/1robertoluongo

last thing he tweeted was June 11.

And as for that suspected Roberto Luongo account, while I can’t verify anything, it’s not too difficult to put it together:

He’s clearly somebody the Canucks know, since Ryan Kesler tweeted at him yesterday during all the Canuck Twitter shenanigans, and way back in January, Herb Bagel wryly tweeted “who or what is strombone1?”
Furthermore, before he had tweeted much of anything, he was followed by Kevin Bieksa, Ryan Kesler, Tanner Glass, Herb Bagel, Leo Luongo, Alex Edler, and the suspected Mason Raymond account, all of whom wouldn’t follow some random dude tweeting about the Jersey Shore and turkey sausages unless they knew him.
He has the same handle Roberto Luongo’s been using on poker sites for five years.
He tweeted about having a four-year-old daughter, which is about the age of Luongo’s daughter Gabriella.
He has no interest in the TSN media, since he follows none of their personalities, but he’s made a special exception for Jamie McLennan, who is one of Luongo’s closest friends and a former backup.
He recently started following Gerry Dee, just as Luongo told Dee he had recently begun to do when he admitted he had a Twitter account during this interview.
And finally, if he is Luongo, this tweet is hilarious:

I can ask anyone? But who has ever taken a bathroom break that infamous? Oh right.

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