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06-24-2012, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by 91Kadri91 View Post
Gunnar was probably the Leafs best defenseman this year. Sometimes people are so caught up with flash that they forget how valuable making the right play is.

I'm not against trading Gunnar, but if he does get traded, it better be for a darn good player(s).
I know how you feel about Phaneuf but the teams best D man last year was Phaneuf the one D men they just can't do without rather you like or not... Sure he did make right sound plays but he was not without faults and mistakes either especially in front of the net and in the corners when being checked by the opponent and the inability to knock people off the puck. Part of the problem of getting hemmed in is in due to Gunnarson being soft and not having the ability to skate out of trouble.

There's no forgetting at all nor am I caught up in flash frankly IMO your overvaluing him if you feel trading him for Berglund is something this organization can't afford to do.

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