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06-24-2012, 04:05 PM
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Originally Posted by GentlemanMasher View Post
Uhhh...why not? We're clearly not judging the results on their own, we're discussing Shero himself and like I said, the merits of his management skills. I thought my post was pretty clear. You don't just blindly ignore the context and events surrounding the whole thing. That's just willful ignorance.

It's even crazier that it was brought up when comparing Shero to Holland (or any GM of any other team). Shero had to do that. We don't have a player who turned down a 10 year offer to play with his brothers. And if we did and our guy was worth it, we'd get that deal too.

Bring up other deals, because this one is pretty much one of those deals where the hardest part was finding a pen to sign it with.
who isnt judging the results on their own?

when discussing Shero or Holland, the only thing that should be discussed is/are the results and nothing else.

why does it matter the reason behind a trade? does it somehow lessen the significance of the return? where do you draw the line? all it is and sounds like is sour grapes "well you know he had no choice but to trade staal to carolina so who cares that he did a great job both for today and the future, cause well you know it was spoonfed to him.."

as far as other deals, well, when the neal deal was brought up some morons said the only reason that one happened was becasue the dallas GM was a nitwit, so again "well you know a monkey could have made that deal"

it sure seems their is an excuse for everything

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