Thread: Confirmed with Link: Wings sign Damien Brunner (1 year for $925K)
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06-24-2012, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by fabricoh View Post
I think his issue is more guys who could play in Detroit but are sent to Grand Rapids for further seasoning, ie the over ripe thing. It goes back to Valtteri Filppula who was supposed to be buried in Grand Rapids in 2006-07 when Greg Johnson was signed. Johnson had a health issue and Ken Holland was forced to put Filppula into the lineup. He's been pretty okay since then and Babs always mentions Fil - along with Big E - as guys who exhibit great leadership qualities. I think Babs is well within his rights to push for guys like Filppula and Smith to make the team and what would it really hurt if Babs gives a guy a roster spot and he ends up having to go back down to Grand Rapids? Nyquist probably should have been on the roster this year but they sent him back down and he kicked ass.

I have never understood why people say Babcock has a problem with younger players. If there's anyone who always prefers an older player it's Holland. The Greg Johnson situation is a perfect example. So is blowing a 1st on Kyle Quincey when you have Brendan Smith ready to play.
I think if Babcock were that hot about the kids from GR, he'd give them more than 3 minutes of ice time when they do get called up.

You can tell he likes Smith because he gave him some pretty decent minutes right away. He seems to be ok with Nyquist because he was getting 12+ minutes a night most of the time and playing with good players. Otherwise, Babcock has not played the kids when they get called up.

Andersson got 9 or 10 shifts a game - about 6 minutes.
Mursak got the same - about 7 minutes a game.
Tatar never topped 13 minutes in any NHL game he's played, and he's supposed to be a scoring line player.
Emmerton played 74 games for them last season and never saw more than 12:32 in ice time. And he's supposed to be a playmaking, scoring line player.

The vast majority of the time, the kids come up and get 4 minutes of ice time playing with Holmstrom or with each other, and then they get sent back down. To me, Babcock's actions in doling out ice time to these kids speaks volumes - he may not like the guys he's got in the regular lineup, but he doesn't think the prospects all that great either. And they're not.

For the most part, these guys are fringe NHLers. We get all excited about them here but in reality, guys like Andersson, Mursak, Emmerton, Sheahan, they're not difference-makers. Babcock wants difference-makers, and he doesn't care where they come from.

Originally Posted by GentlemanMasher View Post
Anyone else think Damien Brunner might just be Fabian Brunnstrom with a silly moustache?

Your newest Red Wing, Naibaf Mortsnnurb.

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