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06-24-2012, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Homebrew76 View Post
Hey guys,

Bruins fan here, but on the Dallas board as I know Ryder from back home, so I like to keep up on whats happening with the Stars.

The Ribero trade came as a shock to me. Without looking at Ribs' contract situation I couldn't believe that the Stars couldn't get a first rounder or at least 2 second rounders and a third line player for him. But regardless of the return, I'm still stumped as to why he was traded in the first place.

Does Eakin have an upside that folks believe he has the tools to be a 1st/2nd line scoring center (60+ points or better)? I'd never heard his name, that I recall anyway, before this trade.

As far as firing the GM goes, I didn't like it when the Stars gave up James Neal + Niskanen for Gologoski. That was an absolute steal for Pittsburg. Hindsight tells us that Niskanen alone was perhaps equal value there.

Unfortunately I don't see a lot of hope for the Stars this coming season unless they can make a decent splash in the UFA market (Parise/Weber...etc), but I'm not holding my breath on that happening.

Good luck!
Ribeiro has a reputation as being a problem player. I think it is undeserved, but his long shifts and poor play on the PP meant he was probably not going to be resigned and I think damaged his value in the eyes of actual NHL GMs/scouts etc.

I also think the team could have done better at the 2013 deadline and should have waited until then. Eakin has the potential to be a great 3rd line C or a decent 2C, but it seems like his strength is defense rather than offense.

As far as the Neal trade:
Neal was inconsistent despite playing with the best players on the Stars but he was also young and maybe they could have waited for him to mature a bit more.
Niskanen was very consistent, in that he was dreadful every single game. He desperately needed a change of scenery and was a salary dump. With easier minutes he has done better in Pittsburgh, but his value has not been close to Goligosi's for years.
The team had 3 great LW (Neal, Morrow, Benn) and an absolutely dreadful defense, so trading from strength to shore up weakness made sense at the time.
Goligoski isn't as good as the Stars hoped, but he is a good 2nd pairing defenseman, which again was a huge weakness for the team.

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