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06-24-2012, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by RedWhiteBlackGold View Post
He was born in 1984, so odds are he would have started primary at either he was held back a few years or your story doesn't add up since the Senators were not back in the NHL.
Look i just wanted to give a heads up to Sens fan because if a Sens fan knows something then I would like to know. If you dont believe me fine. I dont care lol. I dont make stuff up. And btw your not very good in math LOL


and yes he was INSANE in kitchener I just hope he can get back that confidence!!!!!!
Even tho the NHL is at another level, and funny thong is that he never got drafted lol reason: wasnt tall enough. So I'm assuming that "in that time" if Erik Karlsson would be the same age as him, he wouldnt have been drafted either.

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