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06-24-2012, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by ubercanucksfan View Post
Canucks fan here, and while i realize Feaster likes this job too much to trade Iggy and have a nieuwendyk situation, I think the canucks could use him.

Vancouver gives up:
Cory Schneider

Calgary gives up:
Jarome Iginla
1st 2013
2nd 2013

The thinking here is having a goaltender to help after Kiprusoff will help assauge the fanbase, and that Feaster will realize the likelyhood of getting anyone near this good with the picks he is expecting (bottom half minimum) to the point they can give Iginla.

The thinking for Vancouver is you keep Luongo to split time with Lack for a year or two then deal him to a team that needs capspace. The picks will help replenish their prospects, and they could package these and their first for a top five next year. Iginla brings the skill and toughness Van City covets, and would be a great power forward with the Sedins.
You should post that in the trade rumour forum and see how people react. You would probably be the talk of the forum.

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