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06-24-2012, 05:41 PM
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here's the book on Jonas:

he was plagued with freak injury issues (his heart) so immediately he was behind the 8-ball.
he definitely has confidence issues. would get incredibly worked up when a goal was scored on him. dude has to learn how to not get rattled. i think he would sometimes point/blame d-men. not cool.

he has the frame to be a star goalie. he still has to work on the basics (not overcommitting) but there's potential there.

also, putting it in perspective, the Leafs' d is crap. any goalie would look stupid playing behind those guys. while the Jets have defensive zone issues of their own, the Leafs had Schenn (over-rated), Phaneuf (horrible foot speed, would get beaten in his own zone), LIles (more turnovers than the Pillbury dough boy), etc.

a new start would be best for Jonas. there is potential. wouldn't be cool if he's a #1, but hey, for 15 games a season, he's not a bad option.

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