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Originally Posted by hbk View Post
I love Knickle's input in the recap on all of these guys (except Samuelsson).

Jordan is a guy that I really targeted from last year. I live in Vancouver, so he’s a guy that I see quite a bit. Certain things about him just kept developing. He went from 11 goals last year to 40 this year… He’s a guy that I think is going to go right into the American League this year and he has a chance to play some games for us. He plays that style of play; he’s a real power forward, good with the puck, goes to the net… He’s a centerman, which is what we need. He plays all situations… We targeted him and we thought that he may not be there at 58. We kind of crossed our fingers and he was there.
By "us" does he mean the Coyotes? That statement would seem redundant if he meant the Pirates.

Melindy is a a big, right-handed shot defenseman who is mobile. He’s from Newfoundland - I’m a Maritimer myself - and a lot of guys who come off 'The Rock' have that character about them… I know the coaches in Moncton real well and they speak very highly of him. He’s a real good mobile skating, developing player. He’s getting to be a little bit tougher, a little bit more physical for his size. He’s a good player… I really appreciated that when he was playing in the playoffs they matched him up against Nathan MacKinnon, who will probably be the first or second overall pick (in next year’s draft).
Holland played Tier 2 in the Alberta Junior League in Okotoks, which is just south of Calgary. He’s going to Michigan State next year... After we lost Harrison Ruopp in the trade for Zbynek Michalek, I felt we needed to replace him. So, we took Rhett Holland and I believe he is a better skater and maybe meaner (than Ruopp). He’s nasty, really tough, but he can play. He’s got some ability, he can move. His rights are owned by Regina of the Western Hockey League, so he could possibly go that route. I never want to push a kid one way or the other. It’s up to him to decide what’s best for his best development. We’ll talk about that.
Difference in philosophy than Maloney? Wasn't he the one who pushed Murphy towards Sarnia instead of Miami? Also, I can't remember previous prospect camps, was Ruopp really so good that we needed to replace him?

“He’s a really skilled defenseman. He was a forward two years ago, and you can see it in his game when he plays, he can go up the ice with the puck and sometimes he jumps in and then remembers, 'Oh, I’m a defenseman now. I’ve got to stay back.'... With his ability with the puck and his vision, we look at him as a power-play guy. He’s a little bit of a wild card. Being a forward and going back and playing defense, you’ve got to learn some things that you need to work on defensively, but with his skill-set and hockey sense, he was too good to pass up for us. We’re trying to get better skill and this guy has really good puck skills.
Skill is certainly something we are lacking...

He played on a good team at Shattuck-St. Mary’s with a few other guys that got drafted…Myself and another scout went and saw him in a tournament in Calgary and he really stepped up and played. He’s a good forward down low, he protects the puck, he plays the game the way the game has become; down low and using your size. I wouldn’t consider him as a power forward, but he does puck protect very well… He’s going to a good school and he’s going to develop there. We like his potential.
Being a former goaltender, I know goaltenders take longer to develop. He’s a European goalie, but he’s coming over to play in the CHL next year… He’s a big, athletic goalie. I think he needs a good goalie coach and we have one in Sean Burke, and hopefully wherever he goes in the Canadian Hockey League they’ll have a good goalie coach there as well.
Didn't know he was going to the CHL.

Hache is a defenseman that played with (Coyotes prospect) Brandon Gormley in Shawinigan. He got traded to Cape Breton this year, so he’ll be playing in Cape Breton… He’s more of a stay-at-home, smart defenseman, and he’s a puck-moving guy… He’s a good player. We like him. He’s a hockey-sense guy. That’s a key thing for me for defensemen
I really like Knickle's philosophy in drafting.

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