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Originally Posted by LA Kings Drummer View Post
Our "panic move" won us a cup while some thought it was Deano's last as the Kings GM.

Just some food for thought folks, nobody thought this rebuild was even close to finished in March so some of you should really stop thumping your chests.
Yes, but Carter was the last move, not the first. Lombardi always viewed the wing as the last component and sniper the least important. He already built from the net out through the middle.

Carter was "the piece" that put all of his other moves together.

Originally Posted by Herby View Post
Kessel has played both positions in his career.

The fact remains, the Kessel trade was not nearly as bad as people on this site make it out to be. If Hamilton develops into a good d-man it will not be a good trade for the Leafs, but lets not overreact here, Kessel is a point per game player with some of the best hands in the league.
Yes, Kessel would have been a great get if they already had the other pieces to the puzzle. Just like adding Carter last for Lombardi.

Wingers seem to be moved the most and are the easiest to add to a lineup. Hell, Burke was able to add another winger just a few days ago. He's hoping to convert him back to a center.

Brad Richards was available and Burke should have had a Kovalchuk-esque contract waiting for him to sign. Instead Burke took the "moral" high ground and offered him a standard contract. No way was that going to get him to not sign with NY. Toronto has plenty of cash to pay these front-loaded contracts, Burke just refuses to offer them.

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