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06-24-2012, 08:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
OK PS3 owners, we aren't letting the Xbox losers have all the fun. So I am blatantly copying their thread and see if we have interest for a PS3 league.

The main board has a HFboards GM Connected league for NHL 13 set up and it's full. So I'm wondering if anyone wants to start one solely for our board? Comment with the team you'd like to take over. If we need more people later, we can start adding outside friends too. But for now lets try to see if we have enough to get it going just with HF people.

When selecting a team, please leave your gamertag or whatever the PS3 equivalent is along with your team of choice in your post.

For more information on the new GM Connected mode in NHL 13, check out this link:


Teams - GM (Gamertag or whatever the PS3 equivalent is)

Anaheim - Scarecr0w (check back later)
Boston -
Buffalo -
Calgary -
Carolina - Ogrezilla (Ogrezilla)
Chicago - conooper (xtremepoop)
Colorado -
Columbus -
Dallas -
Detroit -
Edmonton - Dylonus (Dylonus)
Florida -
Los Angeles - Fictionzero (Fictionzero)
Minnesota - Lost in Crafton (ohblahitsme) might abandon us
Montreal - TangBanged (Wampness)
Nashville -
New Jersey -
NY Islanders -
NY Rangers -
Ottawa -
Philadelphia - Tumudorr (Tumudorr)
Phoenix -
Pittsburgh - Senz22x (DonE22x)
San Jose -
St. Louis - Karnage420 (Karnage420)
Tampa Bay -
Toronto -
Vancouver -
Washington -
Winnipeg -
That's it! I'm calling plagiarism!

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