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06-24-2012, 08:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
I'm talking about who draws the other teams best pairs and checking line. When all three centers were in the lineup, the focus was always on stopping Malkin and Crosby. Staal's presence did little to affect that.
This isn't 2002 any longer, pure checking lines are the exception and not the norm. Good checking lines are even harder to find. Most teams have adopted a model of strength on strength - your best players against our best players. This is largely because of the way obstruction has been removed from the game, and while some might say it's creeped back in, it's still night and day compared to before the lockout. The best way to keep the other team from scoring is to never let them have the puck. Which means that when Staal is matched up against the other team's top offensive players, Crosby and Malkin play against lines that have more difficulty controlling the puck, and subsequently, them. That's not even taking into account how valuable it is to ice a third line that can outscore the other team's first line, let alone the effects it has on Crosby and Malkin.

You need to allocate money to your defense. You don't need to allocate 4m to your third line center. That is a luxury.
I don't see why having as much money tied up in our defense as we did was any less of a luxury than paying a third line center $4m. I really don't. If you want to be frank about it, we 'needed' Staal much more than we 'needed' any of those defenseman making a comparable salary minus Letang.

Let's also not forget that investing in defense brought Neal, Kunitz and Tangradi aboard. With another 4m to spend who knows who Shero might of acquired/signed. I have very little doubt it would have been enough to help round out the top 6 with more skill than we have seen the last four years.
Of course the top 6 would have looked better with Staal out of the equation. What you're not getting is that I can say the same thing about not signing one of Martin / Michalek.

Also, going fwd Staal's presence and new contract would of really been a roadblock to building around Crosby and Malkin.

I don't see how it could be argued any other way.
I'll agree to an extent, but all I care about is whether or not it would have been a roadblock to this team's chances at another Cup. I don't think it would have been, and neither did Shero.

This team went on a ten game winning streak without Staal, and BS seems to be an ideal third line center.
Careful, now. This team did fine without Sidney Crosby too.

With the new found cap space, the two big fish aren't the only ones who can be brought in to help improve this team.
In free agency there's a whole lot of nothing out there beyond Suter and Parise (perhaps Whitney). I certainly don't want to blow significant cap space on what has become a disturbing trend of weak free agent crops. Trades are an option, but who and for what? I have real difficulty seeing us acquire a talent like Ryan or Yandle. Our assets don't fit what those teams need or would realistically want.

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