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06-24-2012, 08:36 PM
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Originally Posted by bleedblue1223 View Post
I think Stillman is proving how bad Checketts was at running the club from a business side. Stillman has appeared to already cut some of the costs; the budget doesn't seem to be a major issue this offseason; and since we have been rumored to be interested in players that have higher salaries, it must mean the budget is significantly higher than last season. I don't expect us to be a cap team, but all signs suggest that the budget will be high enough to allow Armstrong all the flexibility that he needs to reasonably find the player(s) that he wants.
Not quite. JR guessed in his chat this past Thurs that the budget would be a bit higher but not much higher. It's only a guess but obviously he knows more than the rest of us and and it's probably a pretty educated guess with all of the inside info he's privy to.

It sounds like the Blues will be able to fit in a high dollar salary but then they might have to skimp elsewhere to be able to afford it. JR mentioned Bouwmeester a number of times and quite honestly, I'm not a fan of his so I hope he's not the big salary they end up getting. My preference is Farrisob but of course, he's going to have a ton of teams after him so who knows what happens there. It should be an interesting summer!

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