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Originally Posted by Cash for Nash View Post
CBJ fan in peace:

One big hole in your proposed equivalent trade (based on Richards deal)

Braden Schenn was the TOP PROSPECT in Hockey: In what world in JT Miller close to equivalent.....(crickets).....(tumbleweeds)....(pi ns drop)......

Now if Kreider is subbed for Miller your deal has more crediblity and one Howson would consider I'm sure.

We have hosted Lundsanity (a true gentleman) a bit on our board and I think he gets it. Whether the deal gets made or not, it's probably the way its gonna be if Nash goes to Broadway.

Kreider/Stepan + Dubi and probably 1st/prospect.

Not 5 pieces including McD, DZ, Stall, Kredier,Hagelin multiple picks,etc.
What I think you're failing to understand is that Richards at 25 years old and a cap hit of 5.75 is considerably more valuable than Nash at 28 with a cap hit of 7.8.

That's 2 million dollars you don't have to sign a player or two to fill out your roster. It forces you to go with more youth. Thus, losing Stepan or Kreider who are already on your roster and cheap become that much more important to retain. if we can't do the deal without step, kreider or mcdonagh, I just don't think it's in our best interest as an organization.

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