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Originally Posted by Cash for Nash View Post
CBJ fan in peace:

One big hole in your proposed equivalent trade (based on Richards deal)

Braden Schenn was the TOP PROSPECT in Hockey: In what world in JT Miller close to equivalent.....(crickets).....(tumbleweeds)....(pi ns drop)......

Now if Kreider is subbed for Miller your deal has more crediblity and one Howson would consider I'm sure.

We have hosted Lundsanity (a true gentleman) a bit on our board and I think he gets it. Whether the deal gets made or not, it's probably the way its gonna be if Nash goes to Broadway.

Kreider/Stepan + Dubi and probably 1st/prospect.

Not 5 pieces including McD, DZ, Stall, Kredier,Hagelin multiple picks,etc.
Richards had a better cap and didn't demand a trade with a NMC.

Heatley, a 50 goal scorer, got Michalek on one knee and Cheechoo with that scenario. That breaks down to Dubinsky and Anisimov, and Ranger fans aren't even proposing something as horrendous as that.

Originally Posted by Lundsanity30 View Post
If he is not better to u than Richards there is no point even discussing bringing him here. His talent is far better and he's played with a lot less talent. How many people were great and never won a cup? Ws? NBA championship? I can't stand that excuse
A ton, like Gartner and nearly Bourque, Andreychuk and Weight.

But how long is that list win you lower the standard to a single playoff win? Nash is good and all, but less than elite guys make some lemonade out of lemons at least once in a decade. Nash sniffed the post season once win a rookie took a run at a Vezina.

Thing is, I'll bring Nash here. Sather's price in February made sense because a huge chunk of his cap was paid. He could fit on last year's squad and help us take a run at a cup. Howson's price would have cripple that effort. Now we're trying to take on the full $7.8m and the price is just as high? Nah, pass. Nash as a complimentary piece would be sick, real tough with that cap though.

Word is he's not even interested in Dubinsky, who is the one piece that could actually make the deal work financially if the CBA resembles the last one even slightly. It's not a fit right now between the GMs.

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